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About Linda

My personal healing journey began when I was in my early 20's. I was sick frequently in high school, taking antibiotics for just about everything. When I entered college I started experiencing things I hadn't before: allergies, panic attacks, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings. I had been down the road of taking antibiotics and different prescription medications. I was disheartened that things that were supposed to help, didn't, and actually made things worse. My panic attacks became so frequent, that at times it was hard to function and live a normal life. My world and my capacity to feel ok in this world became very small.


This led me to look outside of conventional medicine and experiment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopoathy, CranioSacral and Rolfing bodywork. While none of these 'cured' me, it opened something in me where I started to recognize that physical symptoms are a result of imbalance in the overall system. In functional medicine, this is referred to as "Root Cause". My physical symptoms were a manifestation of imbalance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


I needed to look at each of these areas in my life, and do some real work on getting my systems functioning well. I changed my diet, started exercising, and making better lifestyle choices. I started seeing a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer, traditional healers, and a therapist to address the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and my life was forever changed. For the first time, I finally began to feel better. My world began to open up again and I began to experience life as more than just an endurance trial. I am thriving, not merely surviving.


I have learned that the path to wellness is a journey.

A journey which necessitates having a strong support network of doctors, healers, friends, community, partners, pets, and of course coaches! It took time and a whole lot of patience to build this support network, and it changes and evolves as I change and evolve.

Start where you are. With curiosity, openness, courage and the willingness to step on a path of transformation, your journey will unfold before you. My healing journey is a continuous one, as it is for all of us, as that is the nature of being alive. Health comes and goes. We age. Life will bring new challenges that we must navigate. It would be an honor to be your guide on your personal journey.

​ I live in Asheville NC, but am available to coach all over the world via video conference technology.

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